005 – Starting From the Bottom in the Landscape Industry with Tommy Morrison

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In this episode I sit down with Tommy Morrison to talk about starting from the bottom in the landscape industry, how expanding his horizons lead to rapid career advancement, and the #1 piece of advice he would give himself today.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Tommy entered the landscape industry.
  • How he advanced in his career by seizing opportunities.
  • The best advice he’s ever received.
  • Why technology is the biggest pitfall in his industry.
  • The #1 piece of advice he would give himself if he were just starting out.

His Top Recommended Tool:
Google Earth

Notable Quotes:
“I always look for opportunities that can expand my horizons.” – Tommy Morrison
“Ask your supervisor if there are any classes you can take to move up in your field.” – Devin Shepard
“Irrigation is a constantly changing field and you really have to be up on it.” – Tommy Morrison
“If you want to get ahead you’ve got to stay up on the technology.” – Tommy Morrison
“This industry is slowly becoming more and more professional.” – Tommy Morrison

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  1. Terri Mason

    Tommy Morrison is very smart he works hard and he is honest and reliable
    with his clients I will recommend Tommy for any job in his field
    Terri Mason

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      Devin Shepard

      100% agree with you Terri. Tommy is a great supervisor and he truly cares about his clients and the landscape industry. Thanks for the listen Terri!

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