006 – From Finance to Green Roofs with Cynthia Villalba

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In this episode I sit down with Cynthia Villalba to talk about her journey from a finance career to helping advance the environmental and green industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Cynthia turned a love for volunteering into the beginning of her green industry career.
  • How she used her financial background to get her bosses interested in the green roof project.
  • Why it makes so much sense to invest time and money into green infrastructure.
  • What happened when her team made a mistake and how they learned from it.
  • Why she wrote a book to help others avoid the same mistakes she has made.

Notable Quotes:
“I didn’t pick my green mission, that mission picked me.” – Cynthia Villalba
“It was expensive to pay for that mistake but we learned something for future projects.” – Cynthia Villalba
“We build industries on the shoulders of what other’s have done in the past.” – Cynthia Villalba
“The intention was to give our knowledge so that everyone could do it, but we ended up getting hired because of it.” – Cynthia Villalba
“That’s not getting your foot in the door, that’s kicking the door wide open!” – Devin Shepard


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