007 – The Secret to Landscape Photography with Matthew Marchese

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In this episode I sit down with Matthew Marchese to talk about photography for landscape and green industry professionals and his top recommended tools for taking better photos.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tips and tools that you can use to take better pictures that showcase your work.
  • How to create better marketing/branding material by creating “white space” in your photography.
  • Times of day that are best for shooting landscapes and how to work with the sun.
  • How to edit and print your own images.
  • What a landscaper should look for in a printer.

His Top Recommended Tool:
Adobe Lightroom

Notable Quotes:
“There’s two types of photography: photography that’s meant to be impactful and photography that’s meant for branding and marketing.” – Matthew Marchese
“Most landscapes are intended to flow, intended to play off each other, and blend together.”  – Matthew Marchese
“You always get the best photo at 6:47 on Tuesdays…standing on one leg.” – Matthew Marchese
“I use adobe lightroom for every photo I take.” – Matthew Marchese


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