008 – How Social Media Can Help You Grow Your Business with Marty McDonald

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In this episode I sit down with Marty McDonald from Bad Rhino to talk about social media marketing in the landscape industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you should never spread yourself too thin in social media.
  • The number one platform for landscape professionals.
  • How to best use Facebook to grow your brand.
  • Why using native platform tools are important.
  • Why it’s important to consider your target audience when choosing platforms.

Notable Quotes:
“The Landscape industry has a lot of opportunities to take effective photos of your work.” – Devin Shepard
“Facebook is a pay to play platform so be careful when you start out but it’s worth the potential exposure.” – Marty McDonald
“Don’t expect a return from every platform if your audience isn’t there.” – Marty McDonald
“It’s great to claim your real estate and be on the cutting edge, but you have to think about where your audience is.” – Marty McDonald
“Social Media is powerful because of how much data you can access and how easily you can reach your audience.” – Marty McDonald


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