010 – Why You Should Hire a Landscape Design Team with Dan Pestretto

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In this episode I sit down with Dan Pestretto from Sod Inc. to discuss:

  • How Dan learned to run a successful landscape design business
  • The advantages of hiring a landscape design team
  • What Sod Inc. does for it’s clients
  • The challenges of working in the landscape business
  • How landscapers would work with a company like Sod Inc.

Notable Quotes:
“I bleed green.” –Dan Pestretto
“There’s some things that you just need to start doing, step into it, sometimes even fail, to learn the proper steps in the direction you need to go.” —Devin Shepard
“I went to these successful businesses and found out how they handled all their problems and I soaked it all up like a sponge.” —Dan Pestretto
“Our motto at Sod Inc. is ‘We get results or we don’t get paid.”— Dan Pestretto
“Remember you are the expert. Being the expert doesn’t mean you have to know everything. It means that you’re confident enough to say, I don’t know but I’ll find out.”—Dan Pestretto

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